Application Update 2018 - Test Database

A test database is available for customers of Symantec WebFilter formerly known as Blue Coat WebFilter (BCWF) to test policies against the renamed applications that are part of the Application Classification feature update that is scheduled to become effective on May 31, 2018.

The database will contain the applications as they will appear when the update is fully released on May 31, 2018. The application classifications in the database represent the real application and can be tested by simply visiting the application.

Important note

This database contains only test classifications and should only be deployed in a test lab environment for the purposes of developing and testing policy. It is not appropriate for use in production environments.

A listing of the BCWF applications can be found here. By clicking on the application name and then the globe icon, you will be directed to the application landing page which should be recognized as the application in the test database.

To configure your ProxySG to use the BCWF test database do the following in a test environment:

  1. Login to the ProxySG management console.
  2. Click on the Configuration tab.
  3. Under Content Filtering, Blue Coat WebFilter configure the SG to retrieve BCWF content filtering updates from this URL:
  4. Click Apply to save the this change.
  5. Initiate a manual download by clicking the "Download now" button.
  6. Verify that the download and application of the BUFF file from the new URL is successful using "View Download Status".

To configure your ProxySG to use the Intelligence Services test database do the following in a test environment:

The configuration for Blue Coat Intelligence Services can only be done from the command line interface.

1. Change the download URL for application classification

#(config application-classification) download url

2. Clear the existing database and request the test one.

#(config application-classification)download get-now force

3. Verify that the download was successful

#(config application-classification) view

In the log messages, a line similar to the following should be displayed.

Last successful download:
Downloaded from: